Seller Registration

Seller Registration

Thank you for your interest in Focus Canada Japan, Destination Canada’s premier marketplace. Focus Canada Japan is a by-invitation-only event that provides an opportunity for qualified Sellers of Canadian travel products and services to forge new contacts and strengthen existing partnerships with Japanese buyers.

Focus Canada Japan’s registration fee is CAD $2,000 + GST/HST per each seller organization. This registration fee includes Marketplace appointments which enable you to meet every buyers at the event and covers up to two delegates from one seller organization. Fee for additional delegate(s) is CAD $1,000 + GST/HST per person (third delegate+). Registration fee also includes admission to all event functions, lunches, coffee/tea breaks, and an evening reception/social event for all paying delegates.
Invitations will be sent to qualified and approved Sellers and Tourism Partners starting on May 21, 2019. Seller delegate registration is by invitation only.

Please note that the deadline to cancel your registration at Focus Canada Japan has now passed (August 31, 2019). As outlined in the seller registration policy, we are no longer able to provide refunds for seller delegate cancellations.

Seller Selection Criteria

Qualified Sellers or Tourism Partners of Canadian travel products and services are invited to register for Focus Canada Japan based on guidelines established by Focus Canada in consultation with provinces, territories and private sector industry representatives. Nominations and approval of Sellers are determined by their respective national, provincial, or territorial representatives.

Qualified Sellers are defined as organizations that offer Canadian tourism products or packages in the international market, who:

  • Have facilities and an administrative office in Canada;
  • Can demonstrate provision of an export ready travel product, saleable in the appropriate market and conforming to the appropriate travel industry requirements;
  • Demonstrate they are prepared to enter into contract with Buyers during the marketplace (i.e. able to provide contracted wholesale net rates and honour these rates for the duration of the agreement);
  • Only sell Canadian packages or Canadian package components at Focus Canada;
  • Offer products which are immediately available, or available in time to meet the operational requirements of the Buyers in attendance.

Qualified Sellers are invited and approved by provincial and territorial marketing organizations according to regional product development priorities. National Sellers can be nominated by Destination Canada. If your organization has never attended Focus Canada Japan and you believe you meet the selection criteria, please contact Focus Canada Japan Office.

Seller Registration Policies


There will be no penalty for cancellation before August 30, 2019, however there will be no refund for cancellation on or after August 31, 2019.

Seller Substitutions

Substitution of a registered Delegate is accepted up until September 30 with a written authorization of the delegate who is no longer able to attend or with a written authorization from the Primary Company contact. Please submit substitution requests to Focus Canada Japan Office.

The Name Badge is Your All-Access Pass

Badges, bearing individual and registered organization’s name, are required to gain entry to all official Focus Canada Japan functions. Badges are non-transferable, must be visible always and may not be defaced or altered with business cards, pins, or stickers.

Guest/Accompanying Persons Policy

Your individual registration gives you access to all of Focus Canada Japan’s full schedule of events. Unfortunately, guests, colleagues, spouses, family members, VIPs or accompanying persons are not permitted access to any Focus Canada Japan facilities, events, functions or activities unless they too are registered delegates or have been specifically authorized by the host and have been approved by Focus Canada Japan organizing team. Focus Canada Japan does not sell individual tickets to functions, events, activities, etc.

Right to Review Participation

Destination Canada reserves the right to review both an individual and organization’s participation at Focus Canada Japan and the Selection Criteria on an annual basis to ensure it is consistent with current conditions and trends. As part of the registration process, all participants must agree to adhere to the Policies and Procedures and abide by the Code of Conduct of Focus Canada Japan.